Serie 81
Floor to Floor | Floor to Wall
100- 300 mm
( 1 – 20“ ) Expansion Gaps

Product Info

The RO-81P (PRO) is simply the best engineered roof joint on the market, everything has been considered, especially how the waterproofing of this product has be incorporated into the system; it has a bespoke connection in the aluminium frame for the specialised membrane to connect to offer watertightness for the gap.
The roof product is the most weather exposed expansion joint and this has been considered by our design team by incorporating an additional membrane that laps over the fixings, this membrane also uses our bespoke connection design.

Load Capacity

System options

Gap width(s): 25 to 500 mm
Height(s): 40 mm
Metal type(s):  Aluminum
Seal colour(s): No Seal Use
Water barrier: The system is water tight
Fire barrier: Seee Series 05,06,07,08
Acoustic barrier: See Series 09
Pre-assembly in factory: Contac GV System


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