Expansion Joint

Floor and Wall Expansion Joint

Are your house or building suffering from an expansion in the ceiling or an expansion in the wall? Some of you are suffering from it and don’t know what it is called. The ceiling Expansion Joint is used in long drywall runs to prevent cracking of drywall joints caused by minor settling in normal building conditions. All buildings are prone to experience some movement due to thermal and moisture variations in the atmosphere. The expansion Joint of the Building can efficiently absorb expansion and contraction in walls and ceilings to mitigate the risk of cracked plasterboard. The GV system brought Expansion Joint Products for floor and Wall Expansion Joints in Dubai to prevent expansion from happening. We have an Aluminium Barrier, Rubber Barrier, Fire Barrier, Waterproof Barrier, and Pan system. Here you can get every Expansion Joint at high quality and an affordable price. You can look at each option and customise it according to your need or preference.


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