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GV System started when two friends who worked with expansion joints found out there was a serious shortage of this product and a solution was needed. One of them had extensive experience and deep knowledge and was able to design superior expansion joints than those offered in the market; and the other one had professional and remarkable skills in installing expansion joints. Together, they decided to share their experience and all the problems they had been facing during the past 15 years in the field and developed a system that would deal with them. As a result, they came up with the GV System expansion joints, which have been tested according to international standards and are nowadays reputable products in the market. Our expansion joints have been tested in different countries through various methods and under different conditions and weathers to make sure they are efficient and of excellent quality. GV System relies on its own certified team to do installations when required and they are ready to go to different countries and provide training to installers, making sure GV’s products are handled and installed correctly to avoid failures. Extensive production knowledge has become our best tool, allowing us to position ourselves as leaders in the market thanks to our ability and eagerness to adapt our expansion joints to each country’s requirements and keep innovating by investing in certified technicians and training. Established in the UK, GV Systems has a regional office in the Arab Emirates with a qualified and experienced team and has representatives in most Middle East countries with solid distributors. Thanks to the high-volume production, GV Systems has manufacturing plants in both locations in order to offer its customers the best delivery time of the products.


It is our mission to provide our customers with the appropriate solution during the design stage through the selection of the right products that satisfies their needs, taking into account technical details to ensure success in the long term.



Our vision is to replace low-quality architectural products available nowadays in the market with high-quality, zero-failure rate ones at a fair price, always prioritizing that materials and design are of an outstanding category.




We strive to create new opportunities and find new potential by looking beyond what’s already been done with confidence and creativity.


We know problems can be solved in many ways, but we are specifically interested in choosing the right path with honest, transparent and customer-focused answers.


We are focused on achieving positive results. This is why we have the best team who is always eager to solve potential contingencies during the design or construction stages. No matter how serious or minor the problem is, we are ready to invest in products or machinery that will help solve the problem.


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