Tile Control Joint

Tile Control Joint Dubai

Over time because of high tension, tile joints crack, and it happens in large areas of surface life malls, hospitals, warehouses, and offices.Control Joints in tile from breaking by GV System;we have various products to help overcome this problem. Tile Control Joint product help compensate floor tensions equally in large areas, especially in public or commercial spaces. It is a functional solution which prevents cracks in the flooring. We have Maikuro Series A, Maikuro Series B, Maikuro Series C, Maikuro Series D, Maikuro Series E, and  Maikuro Series F, which help according to the floor problem.

If you have a long area in your house that you use every single time so you can control the tile joint before it cracks.

Here you can get every Control Tile Joint product in Dubai at high quality and an affordable price. You can look at each option and customise it according to your need or preference


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