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Aluminum Floor Expansion Joint

Gaps are created when buildings are constructed, but for a long period, they are not that good-looking and make hazardous life accidents, especially in building like hospitals. That is why the GV system brings you Aluminum Floor Expansion Joint, Which can help you develop a barrier between two surfaces.

In addition to accommodating horizontal and vertical seismic movement, the floor Expansion Joint System cover also accommodates seismic shear movement. The system can be used with carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, and other floor finishes. The commercial building is old and creates irregularities in the floor over time to prevent degradation, and you can also get this solution from the GV system. We provide you with different styles of Aluminum expansion so you can add them according to your need. What are you thinking about? Adding this to your office or home where you have to secure two surfaces. Visit the website to know more about it.


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