Serie 82
Floor to Floor | Floor to Wall
25- 150 mm
( 2 – 6“ ) Expansion Gaps

Product Info

The WT-82, is often known as the elite of all joints, this product offers you watertightness from the surface of the floor finishes with its unique design; the capping at the surface can be removed so that the rubber seal can be replaced with ease at anytime of the products life span.
The movement capability of this product is fantastic offering +/-50% (total 100%) with a very minimal visual impact; the central seal of this product is available in various colours to suit your application.

Load Capacity

System options

Gap width(s): 25,35,50,75,100, 125, 150 mm
Height(s):  25 – 100 mm
Metal type(s): Aluminum
Seal colour(s): Black, Grey, Stone, White*
Water barrier: WaterTight
Fire barrier: Seee Series 05,06,07,08
Acoustic barrier: See Series 09
Pre-assembly in factory: Contac GV System


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