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Modèle : Série 300

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Modèle : Série 310

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Produit Water Stop aux EAU

The water looks good when it is controlled; if it is going to stain your wall or causing and create dampness around the house is not good for your house in the long term. Dampness can create disaster in the form of rotten wood and moss formation.To prevent the GV System brings the best Water Stop Product in UAE, which is MODEL: SERIES 300 and SERIES 310. A house with a perfect water solution lasts longer than an average house. Spending money on these kinds of foundation and ceiling-strengthening substances can save more money in the future. The series 300 is a sheet made from high-quality PVC, and the series 310 is a compound that works as super glue, making any surface waterproof. Visit the GV system to know more about us and our products. We have products related to the Mantaince of your home, commercial buildings, and offices.


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